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This page covers the odd case of RB2's Sea Dragon CWD as well as listing out every different CWD released, and in which Beyblade they are found. The following CWD list is based on order of release. In some cases, Random Boosters would feature the same Beyblade over again yet provide an alternative and unique CWD. At the bottom you will find a chart with many of them together in a side-by-side comparison. If you want a detailed breakdown of their performance, make sure to click the link leading to the CWD's specific Beyblade release.

Note: See CWD Chart at the bottom to get a feel for their general size in relation to each other. Only few are absent.

Random Booster 2's CWD Weight Discrepancy

For reasons unknown, Takara's release of Random Booster ACT2 also saw the addition of a uniquely heavy CWD with it. Normally CWDs metal components weigh roughly 15g.

The metal CWD piece that comes with many ACT2 beys is a full two grams or so heavier, weighing in at around 17g alone, which is usually the weight of a regular CWD with most plastic components included!

Normally a CWDs metal component has a thickness of ~6.8mm. These especially heavy CWD molds have a thickness of ~7.3mm. Not only is the ACT2 CWD heavier, but also thicker.

This means that, technically, the CWD that comes with RBA2 releases is the absolute best possible CWD to have. The metal part adds 2g to any combo, which is ideal for Defense and not too shabby for Attack types either. If you are using a Stamina type, perhaps the regular 15g CWDs are better, but that is yet to be determined.

With all that said, the only way to tell the difference between the two versions is weighing them, measuring them, and marking them for future reference. Other than that, they are indistinguishable from each other, no other molding differences are apparent.

Note: See the HMS Weight Comparison Doc page to view my fairly extensive CWD Weight Disk weigh-in. This should give you a much better understanding of the weight differences between RBA2 CWDs and others.

CWD Free Survivor, Free Saucer

Free Survivor found in:

  • Thunder Dragon (Blue Ver. Random Booster ACT1, Off-White Ver. Random Booster ACT5)

Free Saucer found in:

  • Wyvern DJ (Green Ver. Random Booster ACT1 Secret Prize)

  • Thunder Dragon (Blue Ver. Random Booster ACT1, Off-White Ver. Random Booster ACT5)

Free Saucer (Off-White, RBA5)

Free Survivor (Off-White, RBA5)

CWD Defense Ring, Free Defense Ring

Found in:

  • Sea Dragon (Yellow Ver. Random Booster ACT2, Light-Blue Ver. Random Booster ACT5)

Defense Ring (Yellow, RBA2)

Free Defense Ring (Light-Blue, RBA5)

CWD Circle Attacker

Found in:

  • MA-15 Phantom Fox MS Starter (White)

  • Phantom Fox MS Takara Limited Release (Yellow)

  • Phantom Fox MS Corocoro Limited Release (Gold)

  • Phantom Fox MS Fukobako 2005 (Light-Blue, Lime-Green)

  • Phantom Fox MS Tournament Prizes (Gold-Plated, Silver-Plated, Bronze-Plated, Red)

Circle Attacker (White, MA-16)

CWD Needle Attacker

Found in:

Needle Attacker

CWD Chain Attacker, Eternal Survivor

Chain Attacker found in:

  • Dragoon MF (White, Random Booster ACT3. Blue, Random Booster ACT5. Black, Random Booster ACT5)

Eternal Survivor found in:

  • Dragoon MF (Fire-Red, Random Booster ACT3, Secret Prize)

Chain Attacker (Blue, RBA5)

Eternal Survivor (Fire-Red, RBA3)

CWD Wing Attacker, Reverse Defenser

Wing Attacker found in:

  • Dranzer MF (Blue, Random Booster ACT4 Prize. Orange, Random Booster ACT4 Secret Rare)

Reverse Defenser found in:

  • Dranzer MF (Yellow, Random Booster ACT4. Black, Random Booster ACT5 Secret Rare)

Wing Attacker (Blue, RBA4)

Reverse Defenser (Yellow, RBA5)

CWD Free Cross

Free Cross found in:

  • MA-22 Jiraiya MS Booster (Black)

  • Jiraiya MS (Red, Random Booster ACT5 Secret Rare)

Free Cross (Black, MA-22)

CWD Free Crusher

Free Crusher found in:

Free Crusher (White, Fukobako 2005)

CWD Devil Saucer

Devil Saucer found in:

Devil Saucer (Grey, MA-23)

CWD God Ring

God Ring found in:

God Ring (Yellow, MA-24)

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