Reproduction CWDs

If you've collected HMS, or ever spoken to someone who has collected HMS, you will eventually come to know the inevitability of high costs associated with expensive and rare parts necessary for high-level competition. Some of the most expensive parts in the series tend to be Customize Weight Disks (CWDs) locked behind later Boosters.

The cost of getting one of these components, never mind duplicates or replacements, is truly astounding. For this reason many have hoped and worked on replicating these original designs via 3D modelling and printing processes. Here we provide some insight on a few of the more useful and sought after reproduction CWDs available.

Honorable Mention: DeathOnion404 for not only going out of his way to ensure precise execution of the reproductions he has made, but also allowing me to review these on HMS-DB.

Reproduction CWD God Ring

Reproduction God Ring Weight: 2.78g

Original God Ring Weight: 3.05g

This design was meant to emulate the God Ring's form when worn down through wear over time rather than keep the very pronounced nubs that only hinder its usefulness in competitive play. Eventually the nubs will be completely worn down, ideal for its intended use, but the reproduction aimed to stay true to the base design and let itself chip away over time too.

Performance-wise there is definitely something to be said about a nearly 0.3g difference on defense type combos that would like to pack on as much weight as possible, but outside of a technical sense the two feel nearly indistinguishable. Future iterations of reproductions may see it come closer to the 3.0g mark, but until then, this is easily enough to give bladers the 1:1 experience of God Ring without the 1:1 cost.

The only serious thing worth consideration is making sure that the reproduction's surface is smooth. Either done in-house or at home with a fine grit sandpaper (ex. 3000) to smooth out the surface. Smoothing it out will make it perform much more like the original God Ring and reduce any unnatural friction upon impact in-game.

Reproduction (white) on the left, original (yellow) on the right.

Reproduction CWD Free Defense Ring

Reproduction Free Defense Ring Weight: 2.74g

Original Free Defense Ring Weight:2.9g

The reproduction's design is bang on, though the material used in 3D printing is of course a bit more rugged than the original. Sanding down just the nubs and underside to smooth them out should be enough to make sure the experience is 1:1 with the original Free Defense Ring. The weight difference between the two is, again, negligible.

The materials used here are not without their faults, though, and breakage on high-recoil parts can occur over time, so for a CWD like this it may make most sense to have a few spare lying around.

Reproduction (white) on the left, original (yellow) on the right.

Reproduction CWD Defense Ring

Reproduction Defense Ring Weight: 1.49g

Original Defense Ring Weight: 1.6g

The most versatile and important CWD in the series is also not always the easiest to come by. The reproduction sees a very slight difference in weight, but retains the key aspect of CWD Defense Ring one wants: static, centralized weight. Weight differences between the two are also negligible.

Because of how useful this CWD is, the ability to make accurate reproductions of this caliber is important for those seriously interested in HMS, as having multiple copies is a must given how important it can be on numerous combos.

You can expect a 1:1 experience using this reproduction CWD without the need to sand anything down if it does come a bit rugged.

Reproduction (white) on the left, original (yellow) on the right.