Legal Stadiums

HMS very early on was given a unique set of stadiums, and just like other Beyblade series, has had these iconic play areas associated with it ever since, for better or for worse. The initial HMS exclusive stadiums aren't the only ways to play with your HMS, certain stadiums produced both before and after the HMS line are also legal for tournament play. Here we will cover the main stadiums used, in order of production, as well as their note unique quirks when HMS are played in them. Not every stadium will yield the same results, and in some stadiums distinct metas emerge.

Attack Beystadium (Tornado Type, TA)

The staple competitive stadium of the early Beyblade series, period. This stadium manages to create some of the most well-balanced gameplay that transcends any one generation. "Tornado Attack" as it is called within the community, was initially meant for the Plastic series, but it is more than welcome to be used in HMS. Some people, myself included, believe this stadium is the gold standard for HMS play. While not WBO legal for Metal Fight, it is apparently equally balanced, but does lack the necessary durability in the long run. Great slopes, diameter, prominent ridge, and walls which aren't too overbearing nor too open, all of these qualities are present in the TA. Here is a quick breakdown of Tornado Attack's positive and negative attributes:

  • Available not only in the standalone A-93 release, but in A-103 Engine Gear Try set and WBBA Tournament sets. The tournament sets seem generic enough on the outside, but inside you may find yourself a black, clear, or default green TA along with play barriers.

  • Makes for an incredibly balanced and entertaining environment for HMS to play in - not excessively favourable to a single type over others.

  • Very prominent and effective Tornado Ridge - the ring around the bowl just before the walls and exits. This can make thick CWDs like Free Defense Ring scrape while on low height RCs.

  • Most likely to be reproduced in the near future compared to other stadium designs, simply because it is the Plastic Beyblade community's darling.

  • Made of a very brittle plastic that isn't very durable. Originals tend to crack at the walls fairly easily, they feel paper thin. Later stadiums avoiding this brittle and thin design. This flaw may be greatly mitigated by reproductions that use thicker and more durable plastic.

  • Not easy to find, and can often cost a pretty penny when found. This too may be greatly mitigated by reproductions.

  • Essentially exclusively used for Plastics and HMS, though possibly decent for MFB Limited.

Tornado Balance (TB)

Tornado Balance was the first HMS-specific stadium released, and it was received generally poorly on release. Compared to the ironically more balanced Tornado Attack, the Tornado Balance's performance and meta is fairly bias. The TB stadium has a small but noticeable flatness to it at the center of the stadium, it also has fairly acutely angled slopes, a very large diameter and long walls. To be blunt, the TB heavily nerfs Attack types' ability to knock anything out with consistency. Even against light Stamina types this can be a chore, and because of the slope angles and wall length, it is not uncommon for your Attacker to pelt the Stamina combo outwards, but it is saved by the wall. Sometimes your Attacker's power can overcome the wall, but if hit at the wrong angle, the Stamina type can be hit up and back into play. While it certainly isn't impossible to achieve victory with Attack types, it is much more difficult than it would be in other stadiums. Against Defense types knockouts are not impossible, but highly unlikely. In some ways, the Tornado Balance more closely adheres to the original premise of Beyblade, with Attack>Stamina, Defense>Attack, and Stamina>Defense.

Had it not been for the fact that Attack has such a shaky time assuring victory against even the lightest of Stamina combos, it may not have been received so poorly. As for this stadium's particular quirks, Wolf Crusher is the most important Stamina AR, having an easier time against all other Stamina ARs as it does not have to fear being knocked out. For Defense, Metal Ape is certainly not viable since it is prone to being out-spun by Attackers that are able to dish out powerful hits in succession. This leaves Circle Upper and Samurai Upper as the main two Defense AR options. Attack types should likely be thinned down to The Big Three (Circle Upper, Samurai Upper, and Advance Attacker), since they are your best bet at landing knock outs or out-spins. If you are an Attack enthusiast, this stadium presents you with an uphill battle, which could be interesting and fun in its own way. The TB is by far the most different experience compared to the rest of these stadiums, with the least leeway in terms of breaking the rock-paper-scissors triangle.

  • Released only in the A-130 Double Shooter Set and standalone as MA-03. Similar to the TA, there were also WBBA tournament sets, with their usual cardboard box appearance. Instead, though, you may find yourself with a green or default black TB.

  • More durable than the Tornado Attack, which isn't a feat that is particularly difficult to achieve.

  • Tornado Ridge is prominent and effective, allows for even the most aggressive RCs to not self-knockout mid-pattern.

  • Center-stage design heavily leans in favour of Stamina and Defense types that can circle it to narrowly miss being hit by Attack types. Coupled with the small exits and large bowl size, all but the best Attack types have a hard time doing their job - knocking things out regularly.

  • Achieving a flower pattern is a prerequisite to victory with Attack types. Even with perfect technique, though, you may simply be unlucky and not be able to remove Stamina types with your Attacker. Knockouts on Defense types are practically out of the question.

  • Stamina bias was so egregious in Tornado Balance that Takara was forced to revise the design to remedy the Bearing Core domination.

  • It may not be as bad as initially thought, but it is evident that Attack types have a harder time in this stadium. If you're an Attack enthusiast, avoid this stadium.

  • Stamina and Defense AR choices are also narrowed down significantly. Wolf Crusher on Bearing Core in particular is able to outlast most other Stamina options with consistency, and Metal Ape is simply not viable in Defense type combos.

  • Overall, this bias makes it difficult to recommend to just about anyone, but it is interesting and fun to play in.

  • Not easily accessible.

  • Essentially exclusively used for HMS battles.

Tornado Balance Type S (TBTS, Type S)

As alluded to previously, the base Tornado Balance is a stadium that makes Stamina types an incredibly easy and effective type that sees little in the way of punishment. Stamina isn't kept in check consistently by Attack types as the game meant it to be. Small pockets, speed drop-off in center stage, and large stadium diameter have the odds stacked against Attackers in the original TB. After a lot of pushback, Takara released the Tornado Balance Type S in an effort to curb Bearing Core abuse. The Type S (Small), is a slightly revised TB, with larger exits and a smaller diameter. By giving the Attacker wider pockets, they increased the likelihood of knockouts, and by making the stadium smaller, direct contact was also more likely and less of a chore to fenagle. Unfortunately the flat center-stage design was not altered in any positive way, only made more prominent, meaning that a lot of momentum is wasted when Attackers transition from the outer ring into the inner ring. In order to make contact with opposing Beyblades in the center of the stadium via flower pattern, the Attack type will be getting caught at the inner ridge almost always.

While stamina types, and Wolf Crusher in particular, are significantly weaker here, a change of style is required to play Attack types with any reliability. Because you are essentially going against the grain of the stadium by attempting to flower pattern, you will often find that Attack types have an incredibly hard time knocking out Defense or Stamina types with any consistency. Instead of flower pattern via sliding shoot/catapult launch or banking, launch flatly. By launching flat and towards the center of the stadium, where Stamina/Defense Beyblades will naturally gravitate towards thanks to the incline, your Attack type can circle around the center unhindered and be able to make contact with the opponent almost immediately. This will allow it to land decisive blows much more regularly. Using this simple style launching technique you'll find that Attackers are simple and reliable thanks to their good grip on the stadium and removing the need to launch with precision. Against tough Defense types there is some challenge in getting knock-outs, but it is very much doable.

Here is how it stacks up to the original, in a nutshell:

  • Released only in the MA-10 HMS Try Set in baby blue and the standalone MA-17 in yellow. Not very accessible.

  • Just as durable as the original TB.

  • Bigger exits and smaller stage size tend to help Attack do its job better than in the original.

  • Retained the suboptimal flat center-stage, still noticeably hinders Attack types using the flower pattern as all momentum is lost the second the Attacker changes position from inclined to neutral.

  • Using the flower pattern with an Attack type is suicide in TBTS, you are likely better off launching flatly into center-stadium and catching the sitting duck in the middle that way.

  • Stamina types are no longer the undisputed kings, which is a good thing, but Defense types can be hard to deal with if you aren't cognizant to launch flatly.

  • Nothing but Attack types or something on Bearing Core 2 can hope to stay in this stadium, essentially removing the threat of Stamina completely.

  • Wolf Crusher is likely the one of the weaker top tier Stamina-oriented ARs here, with Circle Upper and Metal Ape being too much for it to handle often enough.

  • Overall, TBTS was a step in the right direction, and not a bad time, with some tweaks to the traditional Attack playbook. If anything, it is a bit too favoured towards Attack types and chaotic gameplay, with launch skill being completely removed from the equation.

  • Another authentic HMS experience and feel.

  • Essentially exclusively used for HMS battles.

Beystadium Attack Type (BB-10)

The premier stadium of the Metal Fight series, the BB-10 is an incredibly durable stadium that can handle a lot of abuse. Personally, mine has last well over a decade through extensive MFB battles, and only has a few dents to show for it. Zero cracks or serious structural damage. Its pockets are quite large and it lacks any flat center-stage, which is good for Attack types who suffered in those style of stadiums to an unfair degree. Easily the most versatile stadium, it can be used in any previous series with decent success and quality of play. The BB-10's environment is definitely not as ideal as Tornado Attack's, though, as it has slight variations in slope degrees as well as a significantly less prominent Tornado Ridge. These seemingly minute changes do at times change the outcome of matches.

Overall, a fairly easy to get and decently balanced stadium for HMS play. Here is a simple breakdown of the BB-10:

  • Released early on in B-09 Pegasus DX Set and standalone in BB-10, with a multitude of Set releases after like BB-32. BB-76 and BB-107.

  • Easily found in lots in Yahoo Auctions and secondhand goods websites like Mercari. For now, fairly easily accessible.

  • The most produced of all the previous stadiums, and not restricted to expensive/rare sets or BBA Event Packages.

  • One of the most durable stadiums on the list.

  • Tornado Ridge is much less pronounced, easier for Attack types to slip out before ever making contact with the opposing Beyblade. This can be mitigated with extensive practice, or relying on early wall saves, but this is suboptimal. Grip Flat Core (Ultimate Version) in particular, is a big offender.

  • Decently emulates the style of play found in Tornado Attack. It provides a unique though slightly inferior experience compared to Tornado Attack. The slope differences and less prominent ridge only act as hindrances to all types when compared to TA.

  • Overall not a bad choice for play, easily second-best behind Tornado Attack or its potential reproductions. Definitely more balanced and accessible than the two original HMS stadiums.

  • Usable for just about any series except Burst.

Burst Beystadium Standard Type (Burst Standard)

The premier stadium of the Burst series, the Burst Standard type puts a slight twist on the classic Beystadium designs of old. You'll notice the exits are now pocket-like, with a smaller size and guard 'walls'. Fortunately for the HMS series, these smaller pockets have little to no impact on battles. The HMS series' Beyblades are quite small unlike Plastic's, or even Burst's for that matter. When it comes to actual performance, despite its slick finish, the prominent Tornado Ridge on the Burst Standard Type makes it so it isn't very easy for fast Beyblades slip out easily. Different than other releases is the lack of legitimate walls, only a barrier with very rounded edges, so if you are an Attack user who relied on hitting the wall when banking to avoid self-destruction and start off in flower pattern, be wary that in this stadium your launch has to be well done or you will likely Tornado Stall.

In the BB-10, and to a fair degree even in the TA, battles of pure endurance can still lead to exhilarating shows, with knockouts and huge wall-hits being frequent. This makes these matchups very interesting and less obvious as to which combo will come out on top, leading to a diverse set of viable ARs for the Stamina category. In the Burst Standard Type, the Stamina-on-Stamina battle is much more reminiscent of a darker time - Wolf Crusher with Bearing Core simply does away with every other Stamina combo variation. The fact it is the least recoil-prone AR of the series in a stadium that sees few knockouts when two Bearing Core's are in play means it is definitely favoured unless the opposing combo's RC is in much better condition or, by chance, a rare knockout is scored. Many of the top tier Stamina ARs like Circle Upper and Metal Ape struggle against Wolf Crusher to the point that it should almost be viewed as the definitive Stamina AR of this stadium, similar to the original Tornado Balance. Unlike the darker times, Attack can still put Stamina combos into the pockets with ease, even if Stamina-on-Stamina cannot, with zero bounce-back issues.

Had it not been for the fact Stamina-on-Stamina is skewed towards Wolf Crusher in a noticeable way, this would be a very balanced stadium that could easily be recommended as the go-to, just like Tornado Attack. All that in mind, here is a concise breakdown:

  • As of the time of writing, Burst Standard Type is currently still in production. Released and re-released under a variety of product codes, too many to list here. The first being B-08 and B-09.

  • Seems just as durable as the BB-10.

  • Very solid Tornado Ridge, self-destruction on rubber-based RCs not nearly as prevalent as in BB-10. Borders on unlikely.

  • Pockets are not too small for the HMS series, no unwanted interactions.

  • Attackers can manage to knockout Stamina and Defense types with well done launch techniques without undue difficulty.

  • Wolf Crusher is significantly more consistent as a Stamina AR compared to all other options, since knockouts are not as reliable in double Stamina matchups.

  • Accessibility alone makes it a great option, since it is the second easiest to get your hands on out of the options in this list, edging out BB-10 but being less accessible than RA. Unfortunately, would not recommend it over TA or even BB-10 at this point, since it caters towards Wolf Crusher, making a chunk of the Stamina AR meta just disappear.

  • Technically usable for just about any series, though it is typically frowned upon to use for Plastics due to pocket size incompatibility.

Repro Attack (Shin TA)

Affectionately and aptly called the "Shin TA", this Stadium was the result of a collaborative community effort and year-long process to make the definitive, most accessible and durable iteration of the Tornado Attack. Through numerous prototypes, manufacturing processes, and design revisions, the community was able to create a stadium that mirrored the original Tornado Attack's nuances while improving upon it with higher quality materials and a revised wall design. As of yet this stadium is not WBO legal for ranked play.

Essentially, the Repro Attack is everything the PLA/HMS community could dream of: highly accessible, highly durable and plays the same as the original. See the above assessment of the original A-93 Tornado Attack to learn more about how the Repro Attack should play.

Instead of the regular bullet points, here are thank-you's as this project would not have ever seen the light of day without their help:

  • Shindog, for going above and beyond to explore this project on his own dime. This was a gamble that paid off.

  • WuboAF, for not only perfectly creating the design we needed, but altering it for the better. Truly a talented person with a passion for precision and the hobby.

  • Th!nk, for his tireless effort to promote the RA and charm the community into giving the RA/TA a chance outside of Plastics and HMS. The Red Maniac himself.

Emco Arena (Cream BB-10, Emco BB-10)

Seemingly out of nowhere came this stock of stadium in SEA eerily identical to the original Beystadium Attack Type manufactured by Takara-Tomy. While the exact details of their origin are unknown, these stadiums perform identically to the coloured variations released by Takara-Tomy, with a slightly weaker ridge than the initial clear BB-10 release (roughly 0.3mm shorter). Because they perform identically to the coloured versions and those are in most situations indistinguishable from the clear version, see the above section for the BB-10 to learn more about the Emco variation. As of yet this stadium is not WBO legal for ranked play.

Here are some key differences between this variation and the original Clear, instead:

  • The ridge is akin to the black and light blue Beystadium Attack type, slightly shorter than the clear.

  • The plastic used is, through age or lower quality, much more prone to breakage than the Takara-Tomy made BB-10.

  • While it isn't quite as bad as the original Tornado Attack (which likes to rip and tear into entire holes), these cracks can add up so it is important to adequately cushion the walls. It is definitely recommended to tape the entirety of the wall and not just the corners (common practice to increase durability and longevity of older stadiums).

  • Technically much more easily accessible than the original BB-10s, and for a much lower price if you use proxies located in SEA. Of the available options, this is the most economical, including the cost of tape.