Launchers and Accessories

Every Beyblade series has had its fair share of different launchers, grips, and accessories. HMS is no different. In this section you'll find the complete, but short, list of accessories that were available and compatible with HMS Beyblades.


Improving upon the Plastic series' design for winders are the HMS G-Winders. Instead of featuring multiple lengths, the G-Winder has a single length which has only marginally less teeth than Plastic's Dragon Winder released. Compared to the Dragon Winder's small 69 teeth, the new G-Winder had 58 thick teeth. The thicker overall design with noticeably less length meant they were more durable than the Dragon Winder's could hope to be. They are a welcome improvement, and have a great life-span.

Found in: Every non-Booster Beyblade Release and Set.

Not pictured: G-Winder (Orange, White)

Dual Shooter

Unlike any series before or after, the HMS' primary launcher is capable of working in both spin directions without any form of tinkering or disassembly. The Dual Shooter features two unique spin-direction holes, all that you have to do is invert your G-Winder and put it in the adjacent hole. Compared to the previous series, that required different launchers as well as different spin gears, this is a breeze. Even compared to future series' dual-spin launchers, there is no disassembly or flipping required. Truly one of the highlights of the HMS series is its top-quality and intuitive launcher. Also unlike other Beyblade series', the standard launcher is indeed the standard. No future iterations of the Dual Shooter were altered or noticeably improved. This is it.

With all that said, the Dual Shooter is not without its own faults. Two major issues plague these launchers:

  • Inconsistent quality (Ill-fitting prongs, some gear skipping)

  • Prong wear over time

Sometimes it feels like certain launchers simply don't grip onto the Beyblade BP tight enough, or easily fall out. Even relatively new launchers do this, because the launcher prongs are too far apart and need to be re-adjusted. You can do so by disassembling (unscrewing) the launcher's bottom to access the black prongs, and reshaping them (pressing them closer to gether) under hot water. The prongs should then be closer together, more tense, and able to hold the Beyblade in place better.

When it comes to launcher gears skipping, or producing a lower RPM launch over time, the only real solution is buying a replacement launcher. This can be done for relatively cheap second-hand or via the Romance of Three Kingdom's releases that come with one Dual Shooter and 2 G-Winders.

The second issue is one that cannot be so easily combatted. Launcher prongs wear down over time or through extensive use, meaning that it isn't a matter of bringing the prongs closer together for a tighter fit. You simply need new prongs. As of right now, 3D printing options are limited, but inexpensive Three Kingdom's releases make getting new launchers very, very easy. It is recommended that you make an effort to buy ample launchers if you intend to play with your HMS for years to come.

Found in: Every non-Booster Beyblade Release and MA-10 HMS Custom Try Set.

Shooter colours not pictured: Blue, Dark Blue, Gold, Yellow, Orange.

Bit Protector Wrench

The HMS Bit Protector wrench is a very straight-forward and not particularly necessary accessory. It is used to twist the Bit Protector into the Running Core prongs. In some cases using the dedicated wrench tool is fine, but in many cases you can simply use your own hands which also helps you gauge the amount of force being applied to both the BP and RC (potentially reducing breaks).

While it isn't a terrible accessory, it isn't necessary if you have two capable hands to tighten your HMS. If your hand strength isn't enough, or you'd rather not stress them, this tool will be very convenient.

Found in: Every Booster and Starter HMS release.

Available in every HMS Beyblade plastic colour.

Double Shooter

Another unique step HMS took was a double launcher that could not only launch two HMS Beyblades simultaneously, but also Plastic series as well. Because the HMS line was initially supposed to be an overhaul, not departure, from the Plastic series, Takara intended for the two systems to battle together. By now, it is well known that HMS are far superior to Plastic in head-to-head battles to the point they are considered completely distinct series. The unfortunate drawbacks of this launcher, beyond the practically useless inter-generational capability, are that to accommodate a wide range of Plastics better it can only be launched in Right-Spin. Initially modelled after the Dual Shooter, you can notice that there is only a single slot to put a G-Winder in, at the top of the launcher, with no choice to switch spin direction. Inconsistency in build quality (gears skipping, prong attachments sticking) is the final nail in the coffin for this launcher.

Because of its inconsistent quality and single-spin setting, the Double Shooter is practically useless to a dedicated HMS player. If you intend to play with two right-spin Beyblades from either Plastics, HMS, or both together, then perhaps this isn't a terrible purchase.

Found in: A-130 Twin Battle Bey Double Shooter Set, MA-02 Double Shooter.

Double Shooter (Silver), Courtesy of Th!nk, creator of PlasticsDB.

A-130's example of multi-generation use.

Dual Shooter (String Version)

The very first instance where a string launcher was released for use with Beyblade products. This design is based on traditional Beigoma spinning top launchers, featuring a string you secure through a hole at the back, wind up in either direction, and then pull on to eject the top. Naturally, compared to what the future had in store with MFB and Burst string launchers, this string launcher design feels justifiably antiquated. While it can generate great power, the inconvenience, scarcity, and inconsistent power (at times), means that the original Dual Shooter continues to be the standard for HMS launchers. A valiant effort, and for those who enjoy Beigoma, a welcome addition to the HMS series. Unfortunately, not anything to write home about.

Found in: A-134 Dual Shooter (String Version).

Courtesy of @BeybladePL.

HMS Customize Grip (Takara)

The first and only Customize Grip released by Takara for the HMS series. This set actually comes in 3 standalone releases: A-132 (the grip), A-133 (grip rubber) and MA-05 (spring trigger). Apart from the grip proper, these are merely accessories that potentially aid in comfort or are pleasing to the eye. The spring trigger does nothing for launch power and the rubber just provides a bit of padding. The HMS Customize Grip was also not infrequently given as a tournament prize, coming painted in gold, silver and light blue.

Overall, if you must use a launcher grip, this is a fine choice, but not only is it highly expensive to collect the full set, it is also quite small. Given this game's primary audience is children, that may be expected, but if you're used to any other series' grips, you'll notice it is smaller even by those standards.

Courtesy of @DerexGT.

HMS Customize Grip (Sonokong)

When compared to the vibrant and MFB-like aesthetic of the Takara grip, the Sonokong version seems drab and clunky. On top of being a bit bland looking, this was also not released as a stand-alone, but apart of a double set (Double Power Plus Set) featuring Sonokong's Gaia Dragoon MS and Draciel MS. For many people, the look and scarcity of it made it barely worth mention, but in reality, this is the more ergonomic grip of the two. The grip shaft is overall longer and less cramped for larger hands, and despite being hollowed out, the Sonokong grip's plastic is thick and sturdy.

If you're appreciative of more hand room, and are keen on having a launcher grip, this is your best bet.

Found in: Sonokong's Double Power Plus Set.

Roller Shooter Grip

Not mentioned fully in the Round Shell MS article is the gimmick accessory, the Roller Shooter. This is a very small shaft attachment that is meant for Round Shell MS' Running Mode gimmick. On top of being able to shoot Running Mode vertically when revved up with a G-Winder, it is also compatible with the launcher holder found in both HMS Customize Grips. Technically, you could use this very small grip for your Dual Shooter. With that said, it is even smaller than the Takara Customize Grip, and not really recommended unless you have abnormally small hands.

Found in: MA-19 Round Shell MS.

HMS Winder Holder

Probably the most frivolous purchase on the HMSDB is the HMS G-Winder Holder. It can hold up to 4 G-Winders. The purpose of this accessory is very simple: keeping your G-Winders neatly organized and to prevent them from being bent out of shape. Whether it helps them maintain or form a straight shape is another matter. With enough time in the holder after heating up under hot water, it is possible your G-Winders will take a straighter form, or at the very least not be as rounded as they are right out of the box. Not incredibly useful.

Found in: MA-13 HMS Winder Holder

Courtesy of Th!nk, creator of PlasticsDB.

HMS Customize Case

The last accessory, the HMS Customize Case, is not as useless as it might seem on initial impression. Often going completely ignored as most people tend to concern themselves with the Beyblades themselves, the Customize Case actually a fairly compact and clean way to store your HMS Beyblades.

These cases are also another piece that sets Starters apart from Boosters, since the former equips you with the Beyblade as well as a launcher and winder, and a carrying case that, early on, was stylized appropriately (specialized decals for a given bit-beast).

If you're a fan of the clean anatomical view the Customize Case provides or simply want a compact and safe way to store combos, it may be something worth looking into for your collection.

Dranzer MS Starter Customize Case (Closed)

Clear Orange HMS Customize Case (Open, Event Prize)