MA-14 Advance Eterner

Initial Release: Summer 2004, Starter MA-14 (Red)

Additional Releases: Hasbro's Advance Eterner Starter (Red), Random Booster ACT 4 (Dark Green, Blue), SH-01/02 Chinese Exclusive Romance of the Three Kingdoms "Liu Bei/Cao Cao" (White, Red)

Bit Protector - "Small Type"

Should be noted that BP Size Type on initial release is not consistent for every cycle of production or re-release. Being reproduced the following year could mean a different BP Size Type for a given Beyblade.

Attack Ring (AR)

Advance Survivor, ~18g.

  • Very smooth and circular design that is unfortunately also very deceptive. Advance Survivor has very, very high recoil.

  • Traditionally used for Stamina setups, realistically it does not represent traditional "Stamina", but spin-stealing.

  • Because of its high recoil, it is borderline unusable when launching with any form of power. It will likely be KO'd even against rather low-recoil ARs, never mind Attack types.

  • A fairly decent spin-stealer, especially since the subcategory is so small and other options are so competitively weak.

Best Possible Combo

AR: Advance Survivor (Opposite-Spin)

WD: Circle Wide

RC: Bearing Core

Game Plan: You are relying on this combo to barely out-spin the opponent, using opposite spin and the weak-launching technique to reduce recoil as much as possible and exaggerate energy transfer. This is a viable strategy against Defense and Stamina types, but not reliably against Attack types. If you are going up against an Attack type, you may as well launch at full power test your luck, you may get wall saved.

Weight Disk (WD)

Circle Wide

Running Core (RC)

Metal Sharp Core, ~4g.

  • One of the few times a non-WD is reused outright. Initially found with Wyvern DJ (technically an exclusive Beyblade), Metal Sharp Core was re-released with Advance Eterner.

  • Here is what you can find on it, first mentioned in Wyvern DJ's page:

  • Rather tall RC that seems to have been made to check the box of "Metal" and "Sharp" together.

  • Suffers greatly from imbalance issues, it is incredibly common to have any and all setups on this RC rattle, not because there is give between the WD and RC, but because Metal Sharp is so unstable it is constantly shaking while spinning on the stadium.

  • If it were more stable it could potentially have been run in a Turtle Crusher combo that relied on destabilizing to out-spin or possibly scoring knock outs, a la Plastics' FACB set ups.

  • Truthfully, it is likely the one part that has the least redeeming qualities of any of the RCs I have tried, which is heart-breaking.

Best Potential Combo:

AR: Circle Upper (Either Spin)

WD: Circle Heavy

RC: Metal Sharp Core

Game Plan: Cross your fingers and hope Circle Upper can knock out whatever you're facing. Circle Wide is another possible option, along with a heavy CWD like CWD God Ring, I wouldn't say any of them add any significant value to this combo, and it is strictly relying on Circle Upper.