MA-12 Advance Striker

Initial Release: Late Spring 2004, Starter MA-12 (Black)

Additional Releases: Hasbro's Advance Striker Starter (Black), Random Booster ACT 3 (Dark Blue, Green), SH-07/08 Chinese Exclusive Romance of the Three Kingdoms "Lu Bu/Ma Chao" (Black, Yellow)

Bit Protector - "Small Type"

Should be noted that BP Size Type on initial release is not consistent for every cycle of production or re-release. Being reproduced the following year could mean a different BP Size Type for a given Beyblade.

Attack Ring (AR)

Advance Attacker, ~21g.

  • The single most underrated AR of the HMS series, period.

  • Quite closely rivals Circle Upper and Samurai Upper in terms of raw power, and performs well in both spin directions. To call them equals would not be a reach, Attacker is the second inductee to "The Big Three" of Attack ARs.

  • Good weight, one of the heaviest ARs in the series, tying with Circle and Samurai Upper for second place.

  • Smash Attack powerhouse that, just like the aforementioned ARs, make a variety of RCs beyond GFC and GFCUV viable due to its strength alone.

  • Features a gimmick of having a reversible Metal Frame, but you should only concern yourself with Upper Mode as Force Smash Mode is niche in its uses.

Best Possible Combo:

AR: Advance Attacker (Either Spin)

WD: CWD Defense Ring (with Metal CWD found in RBA2)

RC: Grip Flat Core (Ultimate Version)

Game Plan: Knock everything out, you won't have much trouble provided you launch correctly. It should be noted while Defense Ring GFCUV are listed here, this AR can find great success on a variety of WDs and RCs.

Weight Disk (WD)

Circle Heavy

Running Core (RC)

Metal Flat Core, ~3g.

  • Easily the most viable non-rubber Attack RC in HMS. MCC is comparable, but this RC is more aggressive, and only slightly taller than GFC and GFCUV.

  • Despite lacking the same amount of grip or speed as traditional rubber RCs, on the three elite Attack ARs Metal Flat Core should not be scoffed at. A legitimate Attack RC option, even among the great rubber RCs available.

  • Does not wear down like rubber eventually will, yet provides consistent results for ARs strong enough to carry its shortcomings.

  • Makes it so Advance Striker is actually fairly good out of the box, a rarity in Beyblade and HMS. To learn more about it and other potential great out of the box combos, head over to the Beginner's Buying Guide page.

Best Possible Combo:

AR: Samurai Upper (Right-Spin)

WD: CWD Defense Ring (with Metal CWD found in RBA2)

RC: Metal Flat Core

Game Plan: Treat it like a rubber-based RC, flower pattern and all, and watch opposing Beyblades fly away. Advance Attacker and Circle Upper work just as well, and Circle Heavy is a fine alternative for Defense Ring if need be. When it comes to ensuring a proper flower pattern, it isn't as easy as with a rubber-based RC, and MFC is much more likely to break pattern quicker as well, but so long as you generate a few good hits early, that is usually enough to get the ball rolling in your favour.