MA-08 Wolborg MS

Initial Release: End of Winter 2004, Booster MA-08 (Grey)

Additional Releases: Hasbro's Wolborg MS Starter (Grey), 5 Saint Beasts Booster (Ice-Blue), CoroCoro Sweepstakes Prize (Gold), Tournament Recolour (Black).

Bit Protector - "Small Type"

Should be noted that BP Size Type on initial release is not consistent for every cycle of production or re-release. Being reproduced the following year could mean a different BP Size Type for a given Beyblade.

Attack Ring (AR)

Wolf Crusher, ~20g.

  • An iconic Attack Ring that was feared since release as incredible powerhouse combo right out of the box.

  • Despite being primarily used for Stamina setups, Wolf Crusher is actually underrated for its Smash Attack, while it isn't the best by any stretch of the imagination, it is a decent middle-of-the-road Attack AR, if you're feeling adventurous

  • Exceptional weight, weight distribution, and low recoil. These three things make it a formidable AR to go up against, as well as commanding at least consideration of use by Stamina enthusiasts when preparing their combos.

  • Both left and right spin often produce the same amount of recoil, neither spin direction suffers more than the other, making it a good choice to spin-steal in opposite spin direction of your opponent as it is always safe to use.

Best Possible Combo:

AR: Wolf Crusher (Either Spin)

WD: Circle Wide

RC: Bearing Core

Game Plan: As much as it seems like using stock is a cop-out, this is Wolf Crusher's legitimately best combo option. You can definitely opt for a different WD like CWD Reverse Defenser, but in general stock is perfectly safe and at an elite tier for what it does. This combo is easy to rely on since all you have to do is launch standard, horizontal to the stadium and hope the opposing Beyblade doesn't knock it out of the stadium. If this combo stays in the stadium it is very, very likely it will out-spin the opponent and win the match.

Weight Disk (WD)

Circle Wide

Running Core (RC

Bearing Core, ~5g.

  • The bane of OG HMS Attack Blader's existence, especially when the game was almost exclusively played in the Tornado Balance Stadium.

  • Incredibly powerful RC that has spin times like no other in the series. Simply put, if you want to play with a Stamina combo, you're going to be playing with Bearing Core.

  • If you don't knock Bearing Core out of the ring, you're likely not going to win, plain and simple.

  • It is leagues above any other RC in terms of raw stamina (outside of Spring Core), to the point that even Takara themselves felt the original Tornado Balance was too skewed in Bearing Core's favour. They soon after released a smaller stadium that made it especially easy to knock Bearing Core combos out from the play area.

  • Anything that can be said about this RC has been said, it simply is the absolute best at what it does, and while it isn't as had to knock out as originally thought (even in TB or TBTS), or the technical best at same-spin (again, the Spring Core RC exists), it should not be taken lightly.

Best Possible Combo:

AR: Circle Upper (Either Spin, Either Mold)

WD: CWD Reverse Defenser

RC: Bearing Core

Game Plan: There are many variations of the above combo, all of which probably work to similar effect, and while you could put Wolf Crusher or Metal Ape up there instead of Circle Upper, nothing has the same track record as Circle Upper with Bearing Core. It is a tried and true combo that won't let you down. It can out-spin or knock out just about any Stamina or Defense Combo. Of course, against an Attack type it is a dicey matchup and likely not in your favour, but consider using this combo in the opposite spin of your opponent and weak launching it to potentially save yourself from having your combo pelted across a room. Truthfully, given how Circle Upper acts, weak-launching is probably more effective on Wolf Crusher, so take this advice with a grain of salt, the Attack matchup is basically "sit and pray" regardless.