A-126 Dragoon MS

Initial Release: Autumn 2003, Starter A-126 (White)

Additional Releases: Hasbro's Dragoon MS Starter (White), Sonokong's Dragoon MS Starter (White), A-130 Double Shooter Set (Blue), Random Booster ACT 1 (Light Red), Fukubako 2004 (Black), Toys 'R' Us Limited (Dark Red), Various Tournament Recolours (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Light Blue)

Bit Protector - "Small Type"

Should be noted that BP Size Type on initial release is not consistent for every cycle of production or re-release. Being reproduced the following year could mean a different BP Size Type for a given Beyblade.

Attack Ring (AR)

Metal Attacker, ~14g

  • Unfortunately one of the lightest earlier AR releases, a full gram lighter than the previous lightest ARs and upwards of 5 grams lighter than competitively viable options.

  • It has a somewhat promising design for Attack in left-spin, but it is massively overshadowed by its light weight. Because of its weight it lacks the mass to follow through with its decent enough contact points. Both the metal and plastic contact points present are not effective enough to overcome the fact that it is going to be upwards of 5 grams lighter than most any competitive combo.

  • In right-spin it is fairly docile despite its appearance, but again its light weight makes it easy to knock around, and knock out of the stadium, even on the most staunch of Defense set ups.

  • Metal Attacker's design in right-spin is still not conservative enough to make it viable for Stamina use, as it is likely the only type where its lighter weight may have been forgivable, or an asset.

Best Potential Combo:

AR: Metal Attacker (Right-Spin)

WD: CWD God Ring (with Metal CWD found in RBA2)

RC: Bearing Core 2

Game Plan: Because Metal Attacker is essentially DoA on Attack or Stamina set ups, your best bet using this AR is to put it on a heavy-weight Defense combo and hope for the best. Bearing Core 2 in tandem with the heavy CWD God Ring may just be enough, along with wall saves, to prevent knock outs. In the event you are against a Stamina type, Slide/Catapult or Bank this combo to try and achieve an aggressive movement pattern with Bearing Core 2, and use Metal Attacker in Left Spin.

Weight Disk (WD)

Circle Wide

Running Core (RC)

Grip Flat Core, ~1g.

  • The first rubber-based RC of the entire HMS series, and it does not disappoint.

  • Grip Flat Core has very good speed and high level of controllability, ideal for stadiums where the Tornado Ridge is not as pronounced, or slippery (BB-10 Attack Type, B-09 Burst Standard Type).

  • Low profile in relation to other RCs, making it ideal for ARs with ramps (like Circle Upper), allowing them to try and take advantage of their designs better.

  • An essential piece for Attack type enthusiasts because of its speed and traction, while also being easier to find than the "Ultimate Version" alternative RC.

  • See the Running Core Variations page for insight into Grip Flat Core vs. Grip Flat Core (Ultimate Version).

Best Potential Combo:

AR: Samurai Upper (Right-Spin)

WD: CWD Defense Ring (with Metal CWD found in RBA2)

RC: Grip Flat Core

Game Plan: A well-known top tier competitive combo, Grip Flat Core allows for Attack oriented ARs to achieve the needed speed and grip to the stadium that allows them to land massive hits on opposing Beyblades. Just like any Attack type, your game plan should be to flower pattern the combo with your preferred launching style (Slide/Catapult, or Bank) and knock the other Beyblade out of the stadium completely.