Dranzer MF

Initial Release: Autumn 2004, Random Booster ACT4 (Blue, Orange)

Additional Releases: Random Booster ACT5 (Yellow, Black)

Bit Protector - "Large Type"

Should be noted that BP Size Type on initial release is not consistent for every cycle of production or re-release. Being reproduced the following year could mean a different BP Size Type for a given Beyblade.

Attack Ring (AR)

Smash Phoenix, ~18g.

  • Shares the same Metal Frame with Dark Leopard MS' Smash Leopard and Shining God MS' God Smasher ARs. For a comparison of all three side-by-side, head over to the Attack Ring Variations page.

  • Most conservatively designed out of the three, the least aggressive and most circular with only a few small crevices serving as contact points. Notably the Phoenix beak and the top of the Phoenix head.

  • Despite its rather soft-looking design, Smash Phoenix suffers from too much recoil to be considered a legitimate threat to existing HMS Stamina ARs. If not more importantly, its weight distribution is not even across the entire AR, but on opposite ends where the chunks of metal are.

  • Had there been metal underneath the Phoenix heads to add a bit more evenness to the AR's distribution, Smash Phoenix might have made for a dangerous Stamina AR. Would also likely bring it up into the 20g sweet-spot range.

  • Does not have nearly enough Smash Attack to warrant being used on an Attack style setup.

  • As a Defense AR it is about as decent as an AR in this system gets without being considered top-tier.

Best Possible Combo:

AR: Smash Phoenix (Left-Spin)

WD: CWD Reverse Defenser (with Metal CWD found in RBA2)

RC: Bearing Core 2

Game Plan: Since Smash Phoenix cannot find a home in Attack or Stamina, the best option is to smack it onto a Defense combo. This is technically stock RB5 Dranzer MF with a Bearing Core 2 RC, though CWD God Ring should serve similarly well when worn down a bit. In left-spin Smash Phoenix has marginally less recoil, but it is still noticeably inferior to something like Metal Ape or Circle Upper in this same type of setup. Not the worst, but definitely not as good as it could be.

Weight Disk (WD)

CWD Wing Attacker, ~17g.

  • The HMS series' equivalent to Plastic's Wing Base. It is a large, free-spinning CWD.

  • Similar to Wing Base, CWD Wing Attacker's only distinguishable feature in regards to performance is its ability to make any combo it is on have a much higher chance of losing.

  • The large wings of this plastic CWD component extend well past any HMS AR, and are an easy point of contact for the opponent to mingle with right before making contact with your combo itself. It serves as a way to easily destabilize from afar, and allows your Beyblade to scrape the stadium very early on in the wobbling phase, earlier than any other CWD, only having stiff competition with the likes of Aero Wing.

  • Had it been made of pure metal, been fixed in place, and weighed ~5g rather than 2g, perhaps Wing Attacker would be a real menace in competitive play.

Best Possible Combo:

AR: Dragon Saucer

WD: CWD Wing Attacker

RC: Aero Core & Aero Wing

Game Plan: This is combo is the complete embodiment of what is known as the "Full Send". If you're using Wing Attacker, it may as well be in style. Dragon Saucer for the sauce, Aero Knight's RC and Wing accessory to assert dominance via significant differential in height, and CWD Wing Attacker for flair. It may not be the best HMS combo, but it is easily one of the most memorable of a tournament.

CWD Reverse Defenser, ~17g.

  • Single-handedly brings CWD God Ring down a peg. Despite being rather obscure, and attached to a collector's item, Reverse Defenser is essentially a slightly thinner and lighter God Ring. It is also at this point easier to find.

  • Very odd that despite coming out nearly a half-year prior, CWD Reverse Defenser was never considered as a top-tier Defense CWD like CWD God Ring when the two perform identically for that task.

  • When worn down through the course of natural play, it becomes very low-recoil, and its shape is very conducive to Life After Death/ It easily finds a home among not only wall-style Defense combos, but also Stamina combos. This is a good choice if you want to tack on a bit of weight without sacrificing innate survivability.

  • Technically, it could also be used on Circle and Samurai Upper Attack combos as an alternative to CWD Defense Ring, without much issue. It is much better suited and saved for Defense combos above all else, though.

Best Possible Combo:

AR: Metal Ape

WD: CWD Reverse Defenser

RC: Bearing Core 2

Game Plan: Not the first time this combo has been mentioned. Metal Ape's small size means that most contact an Attack opponent will be making is with CWD Reverse Defenser and not much with high recoil metal. Majority of the non-top tier Attack combos simply cannot deal with this combo at all, and it perfectly highlights why CWD Reverse Defenser (and by extension, CWD God Ring) is so crucial in Defense combos. The added weight and impact reduction work wonders.

RB4 CWD: Wing Attacker, Courtesy of YBlader

RB5 CWD: Reverse Defenser

Running Core (RC)

Free Shaft Core, ~3g.

  • Easily one of the more docile RCs of the HMS series, Free Shaft Core is an interesting part since it behaves in a very unique way.

  • Compared to other RCs it is much more prone to early precession, wobbling, but unfortunately isn't tall enough to take advantage of that trait in a niche combo. Its survival is middle of the pack, meaning that it is easily defeated by Bearing Core and doesn't really have a chance in out-spinning it.

  • Just like a variety of other RCs, because it cannot defeat Bearing Core in an all-out endurance battle, it simply can't be considered a legitimate contender as a competitive Stamina RC.

  • Because it is so docile, getting it to knock-out opposing Stamina combos is also a difficult task. Essentially Free Shaft Core's best role is as a very docile Compact Combo, though it is second-rate at best with the likes of Metal Change Core as its competition.

Best Possible Combo:

AR: Jiraiya Blade (Same-Spin)

WD: CWD Defense Ring (with Metal CWD found in RBA2)

RC: Free Shaft Core

Game Plan: If you're against a Bearing Core based combo normally it would be advisable to launch your Compact aggressively. In Free Shaft Core's case, that would not have the desired results, instead it would just make the RC more likely to wobble early on into the match, and this has zero benefit to Jiraiya Blade. Instead, launching at full power against any opposing combo, flatly, is probably the best course of action. The high RPM can potentially make up for lack of movement around the stadium, and perhaps Jiraiya Blade can score a decent knock-out early on. Otherwise, there is very little hope in victory against Stamina. Against Attackers, you sit and hope you don't get knocked out while being a sitting duck. Defense is a bit more of a toss up, as this Compact can sometimes destablize wall-based Defense enough to out-spin them. Once again, powerful flat launches are likely best.