Dragoon MF

Initial Release: Summer 2004, Random Booster ACT3 (White)

Additional Releases: Random Booster ACT5 (Blue, Black)

Bit Protector - "Large Type"

Should be noted that BP Size Type on initial release is not consistent for every cycle of production or re-release. Being reproduced the following year could mean a different BP Size Type for a given Beyblade.

Attack Ring (AR)

Dragon Upper, ~19g.

  • Shares the same Metal Frame with Phantom Fox MS' Fox Upper and Bloody Devil MS' Devil Crusher.

  • Despite all of them using the same Metal Frame, Dragoon MF's plastic surrounding it is by far the most aggressive in practice. It allows for just a bit more Smash in its weight distribution and greater contact point exposure.

  • Of the three, Dragon Upper is anecdotally the "strongest feeling", and would be the personal go-to if using this Metal Frame for an Attack combo.

  • Just like Fox Upper, Dragon Upper seems most consistent in right-spin, as left-spins contact points are more obstructed. It also performs best with GFCUV over other, slower, rubber-based RC options.

Best Possible Combo:

AR: Dragon Upper (Right Spin)

WD: CWD Defense Ring (with Metal CWD found in RBA2)

RC: Grip Flat Core (Ultimate Version)

Game Plan: Knock things out to the best of your ability with Dragon Upper. This Metal Frame is the epitome of middle of the road Attack ARs, for better or for worse. It's a powerful "Alright" among the considerable sea of "not-so-good", so while it may not be on the level of Metal Upper or Jiraiya Blade, and well below The Big Three, it is a decent enough option that you won't feel bad about using unless you come up against a Defense combo that means business.

Weight Disk (WD)

CWD Chain Attacker, ~17g.

  • Fairly sizeable CWD that isn't so clunky as to be a complete detriment, but not significant enough to make a difference in performance for the better, either.

  • Realistically only has niche uses, such as in spin-stealing customizations that may benefit from non-overbearing CWD, and Reverse Defenser not being available.

  • Not worth using over other CWDs, but isn't so offensive performance that you'd feel punished for using it. Could technically go just about anywhere.

Best Possible Combo:

AR: Advance Balancer (Opposite-Spin)

WD: CWD Chain Attacker

RC: Bearing Core

Game Plan: The power of a combo like this comes from its ability to siphon RPM from the opposing Beyblade. The easiest and most effective way is to make sure you're in the opposite spin as your opponent and launching the combo rather weakly. Enough that it won't topple over completely, but also weak enough that you are significantly slower than your opponent. CWD Chain Attacker isn't exactly the secret sauce here, but it beats throwing it on a generally "good" Attack combo just because it won't perform poorly.

CWD Eternal Survivor, ~17g.

  • Thick CWD with three pronounced protrusions placed in a gear-like fashion. Perfectly lines up with Advance Striker's Advance Attacker AR, leading one to believe it was essentially a CWD version of its "Force Smash" mode/gimmick.

  • Fixed in place, which is definitely a good thing for Attack types that want a solid lower foundation as a point of contact. The only serious issue with this CWD is that it tends to extend just a hair beyond many ARs diameter, making it technically soften the blows landed if you're against another combo with a protruding CWD (like a top-tier Defense type). Usually serves to insolate the impact made rather than reinforce and compound it like CWD Free Defense Ring would.

  • Had it been just a hair smaller in diameter, perhaps it would be a lot better, at least becoming a staple on Advance Striker. As it stands, it only serves as a way to make it less powerful.

  • Technically, it works well to destabilize other chunky CWD combos, and that is a viable enough strategy, but not particular heart-pounding, and quite niche in its applications.

Best Possible Combo:

AR: Circle Upper (Mold 2, Right-Spin)

WD: CWD Eternal Survivor (with Metal CWD found in RBA2)

RC: Grip Flat Core (Ultimate Version)

Game Plan: Circle Upper is debatably the least impacted Attack AR that could use Eternal Survivor because it is not penalized because by its long diameter. This CWD choice isn't noticeably better than just about any other legitimate and viable CWD, but it also isn't completely awful either. Knock things out, and destabilize opposing combos that use CWD God Ring or CWD Reverse Defenser. You may be able to outright out-spin them thanks to Eternal Survivor destabilizing them from below, and GFUV's greater rubber diameter allowing for a bit extra spin time right at the end of battle.

CWD Chain Attacker

CWD Eternal Survivor (Found in RB3 Secret Rare DGMF)

Running Core (RC)

Metal Weight Grip Core, ~3g.

  • The final rubber-based Attack tip of the HMS series on the final Dragoon of the series no less.

  • Noticeably heavier than both versions of Grip Flat Core, and a slightly smaller tip diameter than the original Grip Flat Core. This makes for a highly controllable RC with middling speed.

  • Despite not having the raw speed of Grip Flat Core (Ultimate), and even lagging behind Grip Flat Core, the ease of use for a newcomer cannot be understated. MWGC is an incredible Attack RC in its own right, and it can be safely and easily launched to great success in even in stadiums with slippery or less pronounced Tornado Ridges.

  • The lack of speed is a definitely a hindrance to any Attack AR not in The Big Three, though. Metal Upper, Jiraiya Blade, and anything below are best off on the faster rubber RCs, as MWGC will not be giving the full support needed.

  • That is not to say you cannot have success on it outside of a few Attack RCs, but their performance is noticeably inferior and limited.

Best Possible Combo:

AR: Circle Upper (Mold 2 preferred, Right-Spin)

WD: Circle Wide

RC: Metal Weight Grip Core

Game Plan: Not often talked about is the fact that this RC weighs a good bit more than other rubber RCs, making it so that relying on heavier CWDs in the combo that employs this RC is even less of a requirement than normal. You can easily get away with most any WD with this RC as it will roughly end up in the same ballpark as CWD Defense Ring and GFC/UV. If you're a novice, prefer Attack on auto-pilot, or only have MWGC, it is a perfectly good and viable Attack RC.