MA-15 Phantom Fox MS

Initial Release: Summer 2004, Booster MA-15 (White)

Additional Releases: Hasbro's Phantom Fox MS Starter (White), Corocoro Present Prize (Gold), Fukubako 2005 (Light Blue, Light Green), Event Limited (Yellow, Red).

Bit Protector - "Large Type"

Should be noted that BP Size Type on initial release is not consistent for every cycle of production or re-release. Being reproduced the following year could mean a different BP Size Type for a given Beyblade.

Attack Ring (AR)

Upper Fox, ~19g.

  • Shared Frame with Dragoon MF's Upper Dragon and Bloody Devil MS' Devil Crusher. Performs similar to the other two, though anecdotally "feels" a bit weaker than Upper Dragon.

  • Decent enough Smash Attack, though typically more consistent in right-spin despite how aggressive the plastic fox ear looks in left-spin.

  • Fairly middle of the road Attack AR that doesn't have the weight distribution or design to serve as anything other than an Attack type.

  • By no means terrible, just not nearly as good as other options, and performs noticeably worse off of GFCUV.

Best Possible Combo:

AR: Upper Fox (Right-Spin)

WD: CWD Free Defense Ring (with Metal CWD found in RBA2)

RC: Grip Flat Core (Ultimate Version)

Game Plan: This is your run of the mill Attack type set up, and while it certainly struggles against top tier Defense types, you should have some luck with it when facing Stamina types. Flower pattern this combo for best results. This AR has the best chance of knocking things out in the first two hits, as unlike top tier ARs that can even get knock outs late in the round, it runs out of steam quickly.

Weight Disk (WD)

CWD Circle Attacker, ~17g.

  • Very circular, features two very pronounced spikes and is technically able to be flipped around and used like most other CWDs.

  • When the spikes are facing up, it is in Upper mode, but this is only exclusive to use with Bunshin Core or illegal transplantation onto Battle Change Core.

  • When facing down it is in Force Smash mode, where is can be used by normal HMS combos without issue. It is unfortunately very recoil-prone as well as scrape-prone depending on the RC used.

  • It is very like that had the spikes not existed, or Upper Mode compatible with standard HMS combos (to make sure the spikes do not make contact with the opponent or the stadium), this CWD would be very useful

Best Possible Combo:

AR: Wolf Crusher (Opposite-Spin)

WD: CWD Circle Attacker (Upper Mode)

RC: Bunshin Core (Semi-Flat)

Game Plan: As much as I'd like to put a combo that uses CWD Circle Attacker without needing Bunshin Core, the fact it scrapes so easily means it cannot be relied upon at all in Force Smash mode on any style of Beyblade combo. This combo with Bunshin Core relies on a relatively low-recoil AR that can spin-steal from the opponent, or if detached, maybe snag a lucky knock out from a hit of Circle Attacker. It isn't reliable, but it is gimmicky and fun.

Running Core (RC)

Bunshin Core, ~8g.

  • Bunshin Core is technically two separate parts, and an incredibly unique addition to HMS and Beyblade a whole.

  • The upper part is fully plastic with its own tip that, when detached from the lower part via spring, allows for your AR to spin independently from the RC-proper.

  • The lower part is where the Weight Disk is located, and it has its own tip that until separated, acts like any other RC. When separated from the upper portion that is connected to the AR, the lower Bunshin Core can independently spin. A single beyblade with two legal and distinct tops in battle.

  • The lower part does not require CWD Circle Attacker, you can just as well put in any other Weight Disk if it suits you.

  • Certain releases have different tips. The original features a semi-flat tip, but the Lucky Box 2005 released Bunshin Core with either a Flat or Sharp tip.

  • Given how volatile and luck-based Bunshin Core already is, erratic movement from a Flat tip or even Sharp tip is not ideal, and the stock Semi-Flat is the most consistent.

Best Possible Combo:

AR: Metal Ape (Either Spin)

WD: Circle Heavy

RC: Bunshin Core (Semi-Flat)

Game Plan: If you're a fan of random and exciting gameplay without much of a concern about assured victory, this combo is a great choice. Metal Ape has fairly high recoil meaning you should expect Bunshin Core to detach and enter the battle almost immediately. You may opt for a heavy CWD instead, to give yourself a better chance of survival, but the ideal scenario is one half of your combo kamikaze knocks out the opponent while the other half remains in the stadium - counting as a victory for you. Launch style doesn't quite matter, you can standard launch it.

Bunshin Core RC Top View

Bunshin Core RC Bottom View

Flat Variation of Bunshin Core. Courtesy of @4DFury.

Sharp Variation of Bunshin Core. Courtesy of @4DFury.